Frequently asked questions


Do you ship to Europe?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to Europe at this time however we do have distributors all over Europe, which you can find on our website here: Find A Distributor | AeroCatch | Available Worldwide

How do I spot a counterfeit?

Counterfeit AeroCatch can pose a serious safety concern and should never be used. Spotting an AeroCatch can be difficult however one way to check if the AeroCatch you are buying is a genuine is the price. AeroCatch are sold directly from us and also through distributors meaning that they are sold at a standard price range. Another way to check the authenticity of the AeroCatch you want to buy, on our website here Find A Distributor | AeroCatch | Available Worldwide is a list of our official distributors where we can guarantee the authenticity of the AeroCatch you are buying. If in doubt, please contact us via our email: sales@aerocatch.com

Is there a template I can use for cutting hole for my Aerocatch?

There is not a standard template for cutting the hole, however as shown in the installation videos here (Installation | AeroCatch) we advise that you draw round your AeroCatch on a piece of cardboard and use this as a reference to cut the holes for your AeroCatch.

Can I order a single latch?

No, we only supply AeroCatch in kits, these kits contain two AeroCatch latches and all the parts and components required to install.

Do keys match for both latches?

Yes, both the keys supplied with a pair will work for both the latches that were supplied with the keys, please note all keys supplied by us has a reference number engraved on them, this reference number can be used a verification if keys are lost so that we can send out replacements.

Do you offer any sponsorship packages?

We offer no standard sponsorship packages, however we will look at any enquiries regarding sponsorship packages on a case by case basis.

Are you planning on creating a metal Aerocatch?

We are not planning on creating a metal AeroCatch as our current material, which is a high performance glass-filled Nylon has proven to be the most cost-effective build material whilst still exceeding the desired strength and life characteristics.

120/125, what’s the difference?

The latch mechanism and locking performance are the same for both the 120 Series and 125 Series, the difference being is that the 120 Series is the above panel mounting option and the 125 Series is the below panel mounting option.

What to do I do have a broken latch or product?

In the first instance, please contact us with the following information:

  • Details on where and when purchased.
  • A summary of what happened to cause the issue.
  • Photos of the AeroCatch, including the strike pin.

This information will then be reviewed by our technical team and we will be in contact to discuss further.

What do I do if I have broken pins or components?

We sell spares kits for all our AeroCatch products so if you have broken pins or components replacements can be bought here Spares | AeroCatch for any further information, please use the quick contact form in the footer of the site.

What do I do if I have lost or damaged my keys?

For us to send out replacement keys we need two things. We need proof that you have purchased the Aerocatch from us directly and we need the reference number that is engraved ON THE KEY. Please note that the keys reference number is engraved on the key so take a note of this so if you lose the keys we can send out replacements.

Which Aerocatch will fit my car?

How do I install/fit my Aerocatch product?

Please follow the links to our installation instructions and videos here: (Installation | AeroCatch).

Which is the best AeroCatch product for me?

AeroCatch is a universal product and which version will depend on the application; hood/bonnet, tailgate, bumper etc.  However, most applications are hood/bonnet and we recommend the 120 Series for its ease of installation.

If you are looking to add an AeroCatch to your street car we recommend that you buy the locking versions of the AeroCatch (120-2100,  125-2100). There are also other points to consider when choosing your AeroCatch for example, for AeroCatch to be installed correctly the panel that is being installed on must be fairly flat. Another point to consider is the location of the strike pin which could dictate the position of the AeroCatch on the hood/bonnet.

If you require any further technical information about the installation of the different models of AeroCatch please go to Technical Information | Fitting Instructions | Drawings | AeroCatch.