Crush the Counterfeits

A brief overview

AeroCatch® are one of many brands and product ranges that are victims of counterfeit copies. Specialty Fasteners & Components Ltd released the first product of its ever-growing range of AeroCatch® bonnet pins and panel fasteners in 2005.

However, they have been forced to endure an unprecedented amount of counterfeiters manufacturing cheap fakes, despite Specialty Fasteners & Components Ltd owning patents for the trademark and registered designs in multiple counties across the globe.

The rise of online shopping and the variety of internet marketplaces, combined with loose counterfeit prevention measures have increased these problems to worrying levels. 


Design Rights & Intellectual Property

Click on the links to view Specialty Fasteners & Components Ltd's registered design rights for AeroCatch® shear and tension latches.

Specialty Fasteners & Components Limited are the registered proprietor of Community trade mark number EU004093472 for the word “AEROCATCH” in classes 6, 12 and 20, which mainly relates to latches, catches and locks.

Details of our registration of the trade mark, which has an effective date of 17 May 2006, can be found at .

Some useful information...

Most of these counterfeiters are based in Asia, with the predominant amount of fake products emanating from China/Hong Kong. 

These products are unsafe, poorly manufactured with low quality components and on average, they are only 25% the strength of genuine AeroCatch® bonnet pins. 

The image to the right displays the amount of force applied to the bonnet/hood when the catch failed. As you can see AeroCatch® bonnet pins are 3 times stronger than any counterfeit copies.

AeroCatch® bonnet pins and panel fasteners are designed for professional motor racing. Their high quality components are especially chosen to withstand large amounts of force applied to the bonnet/hood of 

vehicles when they are involved in high speed collisions. 

By choosing a set of counterfeit copies you are endangering yourself and anyone else who travels in your vehicle. One minor collision could result in serious injury or could even result in fatalities.

The images below were sent to us from one of our American authorised AeroCatch distributors with the following quote:  

"Just thought I would send you some photos of how well the Aerocatch held up at Sebring on our Spec Boxster! We had an unfortunate incident in turn 1 (the wall was not very friendly). Hopefully it doesn't happen again but if it does I already know the AeroCatch® will hold up perfect!"

Taylor Sandage - Manager TuneRS 

Be smart, be safe, buy AeroCatch®

NOT SURE IF YOU ARE BUYING A GENUINE KIT?         Here are a few tips to identify counterfeit copies...

AeroCatch® are made from high quality components with skilled manufacturing. Quality comes at a price...if you think the deal is too good to be true, it probably is! 

AeroCatch® have authorised distributors all over the world. You can find your nearest one on our website using the Find a Distributor tool. It is important to remember that AeroCatch® are manufactured in the UK so kits on Ebay, Amazon or other online marketplaces where the sellers are from Hong Kong/China, will be fakes. Check before you buy!

AeroCatch® had a re-brand in 2015 - all packaging and logos were updated. Some AeroCatch® distributors/resellers may still have kits with our old packaging...if you are unsure, check before you buy!

We are always available to confirm the authenticity of our kits. 

You can contact us via various means:

Tel: +44 (0)1803 868677


Facebook Page



Below you will find a list AeroCatch® counterfeit sellers on On the right hand side of the screen are some of the common images from counterfeit listings.

If you want to name & shame a counterfeit seller of AeroCatch®, send their details through to and we will make sure they are added to this ever-growing list!