AeroCatch® Counterfeits Warning

AeroCatch® bonnet pins and panel fasteners are being copied and reproduced at an alarming rate. Online marketplaces such as; Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba and DH gate, are providing a platform for counterfeiters to abuse at their will.

To fight back against them, we have started a counterfeit campaign, 'Crush the Counterfeits', which aims to tackle the issues of counterfeiting head on...but we cannot do it alone.

We need to your help to Crush the Counterfeits and help keep counterfeit product off the market once and for all.



AeroCatch® bonnet pins and panel fasteners can only be purchased through an official AeroCatch® dealer!

Anyone who is unsure can always ring AeroCatch® with details of where they made the purchase on + 44 (0)1803 861714 in the UK or 714 842 2603 in USA.

AeroCatch® bonnet pins are used by AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES, LAMBORGHINI, PORSCHE...the list goes on.

Counterfeit copies are seen as a cheap alternative but they are incredibly dangerous. 

Please read the 'Strength Comparison' document and view the 'Buyer Beware' poster above for reference.

If you are unsure whether they are a genuine AeroCatch® dealer, click on the link below to check.

Click here for a full list of AeroCatch® dealers.

Look for our 'Official AeroCatch® Distributor' stamp on our dealer's websites.

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