AeroCatch® 3 - Shear & Tension Latch

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AeroCatch® 3 offers an aerodynamic, high strength tension latch for securely fastening panels together with the added feature of a shear engagement tongue allowing the latch to carry loads in 3 axis.

The typical or most common application for the AeroCatch® 3 is panel fastening for sports cars' bodywork. Traditional surface mounted latches are used in recessed pockets in an effort to improve air flow and aesthetics...AeroCatch® 3 eliminates this expensive and time consuming process and only requires a simple panel cut-out procedure for installation.

AeroCatch® 3 is becoming an increasingly popular solution to bumper/spoiler removal or attachment. Many race teams struggle to load their cars on and off the transport trucks due to the bumper/spoiler size but with a two-step release - push button, pull handle back - AeroCatch® 3 makes awkward vehicle loading a thing of the past.