AeroCatch® Performance Panel Fastener

AeroCatch® are aerodynamic, low profile bonnet pins and panel fasteners setting new standards in the 21st century. Providing a wide variety of fixing solutions for Motorsport, Specialist Vehicles, Marine & Transportation. AeroCatch® bonnet pins are proudly manufactured in England and distributed worldwide.

AeroCatch® Product Range


120 & 125 Series

The original and most popular AeroCatch® series. This strong, modern, aerodynamic panel fastener is ideal for use across number of applications. 

AeroCatch® 2

220 & 225 Series

The AeroCatch® 2 series' flush fit and secure hold makes it the ideal panel fastener for powerboat racing, along with many other applications.

AeroCatch® 3

320, 325 & 350 Series

AeroCatch® 3 offers an aerodynamic, high strength tension latch for securely fastening panels. Most commonly used on sports cars, the 3 series is the ideal panel fastener for quick attachment & removal.


120 & 125 Series

AeroCatch® Xtreme has been designed to withstand harsh conditions, making it safer and more efficient for extreme environments and sports. Popular in the off-road and rally arena, AeroCatch® 3 is ideal in many other applications.